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The Spiderwick Chronicles, Books 1 And 2: The Field Guide And The Seeing Stone

Spiderwick Chronicles

Listening Library

Author: Holly Black / Hank Jacobs

Kids love this great book by Holly Black / Hank Jacobs. Written by Holly Black / Hank Jacobs and the publisher is Listening Library. This book was available in May of 2003. To buy a copy at the lowest price, check out our partners via the add to shopping cart button below.

Book 3--Lucinda's Secret Items in the Spiderwick estate are getting completely out of hand. Book 4--the Ironwood Tree The Grace kids, Jared, Simon, and Mallory, are at it once again. Be sure to listen in to figure out what happens! Only one particular individual can help solve this mystery--their crazy old Aunt Lucinda. But that's not an option. Mallory is convinced that the only strategy to stop the madness is frequently to chuck the Guide. If they could just figure out why all of Faerie wants the Guide. With all kinds of creatures right after them, the Guide may be the only protection the Grace kids have. If becoming attacked by a band of marauding goblins and almost eaten by a bridge troll wasn't enough, how Jared is getting harassed by Thimbletack, the house boggart, and Simon has a very hungry griffin recuperating in the carriage property.


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