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The Magician's Box (the Gormengate Chronicles)

Magicians Box

Nord Helmsman

Author: Nord Helmsman

Kids love The Magician's Box (the Gormengate Chronicles) . The author is Nord Helmsman and it is published by Nord Helmsman. The kids book went on sale sometime in 2012. The book is 51 pages long. To obtain your very own copy of this book for your kids, click on the shopping cart add to cart button on this page.

Following the mysterious disappearance of their great uncle Wilfred, Alex and his brother David ought to devote the final week within the summer holidays in a decaying old mansion inherited by their parents. Is he going crazy, or has he just discovered a door to strange and dangerous parallel universe? While exploring the derelict house, Alex finds an ancient box that seems to defy the genuinely recommendations of the natural globe.


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