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In The Service Of Dragons Ii (in The Service Of Dragons #2)

In The Service Of Dragons Ii5 Star Rating
In The Service Of Dragons IiIn The Service Of Dragons Ii in The Service Of Dragons 2 Image 1
In The Service Of Dragons Ii

In The Service Of Dragons Ii is a must own book. The author is Robert Stanek and it was published sometime in 2011 by Reagent Press LLC. The kids book is 256 pages long. To pick up your own print of this book, check out our partners via the button.

service dragons change sweeping over lands

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Publisher: Reagent Press LLC
Author: Robert Stanek

Full Description

Dark adjust is sweeping over the lands of Ruin Mist. Will the peoples succumb to the darkness? Now Prince Valam should journey to East Reach, land of the elves, to help save the elves from a war such as never before observed inside the lands: a war between elves, a war for the future of the elven kingdoms. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them all, the early battles for Ruin Mist's future against the coming darkness have at the moment been fought. Only truth and faith can guide their destinies. The answers are in Book Two of In the Service of Dragons. Though despair abounds and evil seeks to reign, there is hope. Will the kingdoms of men and elves fall? Queen Mother sees hope by way of a union with the divided peoples: an alliance of men and elves to fight against the forces of darkness. But between men and elves there is no love and little trust. Who will live? An ancient evil has returned from the dark past, and the dark forces gather. Prince Valam, utilizing the help inside the elves, saved Wonderful Kingdom from destruction by the mighty forces of King Jarom but not ahead of the city of Alderan was burned to ashes. These battles, won at great cost and by the barest of margins, were meant to divert attention from what Noman, the mysterious Keeper of the City with all the Sky, can only guess at as he works to gather the company he believes holds the crucial to Ruin Mist's future. Who will die? War comes to the lands as the queen of the elves foretold. In the Kingdoms, old hatreds have returned plus a greedy king lusts for power.


  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Num. Pages: 256

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