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A Daughter Of Kings: The Graphic Novel (battle For Ruin Mist, Graphic Novel #1)

Daughter Of Kings: The Graphic Novel5 Star Rating
Daughter Of Kings The Graphic Novel
" Daughter Of Kings: The Graphic Novel ", Written By Robert Stanek

Daughter Of Kings: The Graphic Novel is a must own book. Written by Robert Stanek and it is published by Ruin Mist Publishing. The book became available sometime in December of 2011. The kids book is 402 pages long. To get your very own copy of this book, visit our affilate add to cart button.

daughter kings graphic novel battle ruin

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Publisher: Ruin Mist Publishing
Author: Robert Stanek

Full Description

The total graphic novel. Rating: Teens, 13 and up only. Fully linked and cross-linked with hyperlinks to parts inside the book. Some mature topic matter. Enter a world of titans and dragons, men and elves. Scene by scene, picture by picture, the story comes together over hundreds of pages. When Delinna Alder touches the orb, she will likely be transformed forever and come to understand the lethal price of her prize. Xith, Last of the Watchers, returns immediately after a long search, bringing with him among the coveted Orbs of Power. As Delinna and Xith are swept into a hazardous web of magic, treachery, and betrayal, their choices hold the lives of a lot of and their globe inside the balance.


  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Num. Pages: 402

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